Natural Nails – Hands

Natural Polish Spa Manicure

A gentle exfoliation to the hand and lower arm followed by a hydrating massage, file, polish and push back cuticles – from £20

Standard Polish Manicure

File, polish, push back cuticles – from £18

File and Polish

Shape and paint with standard polish – from £14

Standard Polish

Polish natural nails with standard nail polish – from £8

Natural Nails – Feet

Luxury Standard Polish Spa Pedicure

Removal of hard skin, exfoliate, massage, hydrating foot mask, toe nails clipped, filed, push back cuticles & polish to finish – from £25 per treatment

Mini Standard Polish Pedicure

Include: foot soak, foot massage, file toe nails, cuticle tidy and gel polish – from £17.50

Luxury Spa Gel Paint Pedicure

Treatment same as above apart from polish type – from £35 per treatment

Mini Gel Pedicure

Includes: foot soak, foot massage, file toe nails, cuticle tidy and gel polish – from £26.50

Shape Paint and Tidy Natural Toe Nails (With Standard Nail Polish)

Shape, paint & push back cuticles – from £13

File and Polish Toe Nails With Standard Nail Polish

Shape and Paint – from £11

Nail Maintenance

It is extremely important to keep nails well maintained on average every three weeks.
Re-balance – from £19
White powder or white gel rebalance – from £20
Soak off in preparation for new set – £8 per treatment
Replacement tips – £2 each
Shellac or gel polish on acrylic after a rebalance – from £7 per treatment
Sloff and standard polish manicure. Soak off gel or acrylic – from £22
Sloff acrylic and shellac or gel manicure – from £26

CND Acrylic Nail Enhancements

Full set of natural tips – from £30
Full set of French Tips – from £30
Full set of white powder & designer tips – from £32
Natural overlays – From £27
White powder & coloured acrylic overlays – from £28
Toe nail extensions – £3 per nail (large toe nail)

Young Nails & Pure Nails / Halo Builder Gel

Full set of natural tips – from £30
Full set of French tips – from £30
Full set of white gel tips – from £32
Designer tips – from £32
Natural overlays – from £27
White gel overlays – from £28

Shellac Nails

Shellac Manicure – from £20
Shellac toe nails – from £22

Orly – FX Gel Paint

Orly – FX gel manicure – from £20
Orly – FX gel toe nails – from £22

Halo Gel Polish

Halo Gel Polish manicure – from £20
Halo Gel Polish toe nails – from £22

Candy Coat Gel

Candy Coat Gel manicure – from £20
Candy Coat Gel toe nails – from £22

Additional Treatments

Why not customise your treatment and indulge yourself a little extra.

Hands £4 Per Treatment 
Paraffin Wax – £4
Paraffin Wax on feet – £6 (per treatment)
French polish – £2
Nail art – from £50p – £1 per nail (depending on design and gel)
Shellac or other gel paint on acrylic nails after a rebalance or full set – from £7 per treatment

Little Girls

Standard polish manicure – from £13
File and polish finger nails – from £8
File and polish toe nails – from £9
File and polish finger and toenails – from £16
Shellac manicure – from £17
Shellac gel paint toe nails – from £18
Shellac manicure and toe nails – from £33


Special Offers


Nail Party Deals

Booking an adult or children’s nail party entitles the main hostess to 15% off any personal nail treatment. Extra discount available depending on size of party.

Wedding Packages

Bespoke wedding packages available. Contact for details.

*Please note: All prices subject to change if nail art/gel polish is required with any full set.