Natural Nails – Hands

Spa Manicure

A gentle exfoliation to the hand and lower arm followed by a hydrating massage, file, polish and push back cuticles.

Standard Polish Manicure

File, polish, push back cuticles – £18

Natural Nails – Feet

Spa Manicure & Pedicure – £40

Spa Pedicure

Removal of hard skin, exfoliate, massage, hydrating foot mask, toe nails clipped, filed, push back cuticles & polish to finish.
£25 per treatment

Spa Gel Paint Pedicure

Treatment same as above apart from polish type
£35 per treatment

Shape, paint & push back cuticles – £13

Shape & paint – £11

CND Acrylic Nail Enhancements

Full set of natural tips – From £30

Full set of French Tips – From £30

Full set of white powder & designer tips – From £32

Natural overlays – From £27

White powder & coloured acrylic overlays – From £28

Toe nail extensions – From £3 per nail (large toe nail)

CND Brisa Gel Enhancement

Full set of natural tips – From £30

Full set of French tips – From £30

Full set of white gel tips – From £32

Designer tips – From £32

Natural overlays – From £27

White gel overlays – From £28

Nail Maintenance

It is extremely important to keep nails well maintained on average every three weeks.

Re-balance – From £19

White powder or white gel rebalance – From £20

Sloff in preparation for new set – £8 per treatment

Replacement tips – £2 each

Shellac or gel polish on acrylic after a rebalance – £7 per treatment

Sloff and standard polish manicure – From £22

Sloff and shellac manicure – From £26

Shellac Nails

Shellac Manicure – £20

Shellac toe nails – £22

Orly – FX Gel Paint

Orly – FX gel manicure – £20

Orly – FX gel toe nails – £22

Jessica GELeration gel paint

Jessica GELeration gel manicure – £20

Jessica GELeration gel toe nails – £22

Essie Gel

Essie Gel manicure – £20

Essie Gel toe nails – £22

Additional Treatments

Why not customise your treatment and indulge yourself a little extra.

Paraffin Wax – £4

French polish – £2

Nail art – £50p – £1 per nail (depending on design and gel)

Shellac or other gel paint on acrylic nails after a rebalance or full set – £7 per treatment

Little Girls

Standard polish manicure – £13

File and polish finger nails – £8

File and polish toe nails – £9

File and polish finger and toe nails – £16

Shellac manicure – £17

Shellac gel paint toe nails – £18

Shellac manicure and toe nails – £33

Special Offers

Nail Party Deals

Booking an adult or children’s nail party entitles the main hostess to 15% off any personal nail treatment. Extra discount available depending on size of party.

Wedding Packages

Bespoke wedding packages available. Contact for details.

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